What is Mental Prayer - Catholic Video Lesson for Kids


🌟 In the New Testament, Jesus is often shown meditating in the ______


🧐 Who introduced a two-hour daily meditation rule for the Carmelites? a) St. Augustine b) St. Theresa c) St. Ignatius d) St. Jerome 

b) St. Theresa

✨ True or False: Meditation in the Catholic tradition is simply a moment of peace without any deeper significance.

False. It is also a time to connect deeper with God.

Sources and Download

Download: https://sdcason.b-cdn.net/What%20is%20Mental%20Prayer%20or%20What%20is%20Catholic%20Mediation.mp4

Source: https://www.catholic.com/encyclopedia/prayer?ref=courses.sdcason.com#h-necessity-of-prayer

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